A.   General Plan: The general plan shall guide the use of all land within the corporate boundaries of the city. The size and design of lots, the nature of utilities, the design and improvement of streets, the type and intensity of land use, and the provisions for any special facilities in any subdivision shall conform to the land uses shown and the standards established in the general plan, the zoning ordinance and other applicable ordinances.
   B.   Natural Landscape: Trees, native land cover, natural watercourses and topography shall be preserved when possible. Subdivisions shall be so designed as to prevent excessive grading and scarring of the landscape in conformance with the foothill development ordinance. The design of new subdivisions shall consider, and relate to, existing street widths, alignments and names. (Ord. 1996-24, 6-19-1996)
   C.   Community Facilities: Community facilities, such as parks, recreation areas, trails and transportation facilities shall be provided in the subdivision in accordance with general plan standards, this title, and other applicable ordinances and resolutions. This title establishes procedures for the referral of information on proposed subdivisions to interested boards, bureaus and other governmental agencies and utility companies, both private and public, so that the extension of community facilities and utilities may be accomplished in an orderly manner, coordinated with the development of the subdivision. In order to facilitate the acquisition of land areas required to implement this policy, the subdivider may be required to dedicate, grant easements over or otherwise reserve land for schools, parks, playgrounds, public ways, utility easements and other public purposes as specified. (Ord. 2006-28, 4-19-2006)