12-1-020: PURPOSE:
   A.   Purpose: The purpose of this title, and any rules, regulations and specifications hereafter adopted, are to promote and protect the public health, safety and general welfare through provisions designed to:
      1.   Provide for the harmonious and coordinated development of the city, and to assure sites suitable for building purposes and human habitation.
      2.   Ensure adequate open space for traffic, recreation, light, and air.
      3.   Facilitate the conservation of, or production of, adequate transportation, water, sanitation, drainage and energy resources.
      4.   Avoid scattered and premature subdivisions which would cause insufficient public services and facilities, or necessitate an excessive expenditure of public funds for the supply of such services and facilities.
      5.   Preserve outstanding natural, cultural or historic features.
   B.   Intent: This title is designed to inform the subdivider and public of the requirements and conditions necessary to obtain approval of a subdivision. To this end, all requirements, where possible, are expressly delineated in this title or other applicable ordinances. However, since it is impossible to cover every possibility, and there are some aspects which do not lend themselves to being easily articulated, this title allows the planning commission and city council to impose reasonable conditions upon a subdivider in addition to those expressly required, so long as such conditions do not conflict with any requirements set forth in this title or other applicable ordinances. (Ord. 1996-24, 6-19-1996)