A.   Shade Tree Commission: The Farmington City planning commission shall be known and designated as the shade tree commission. The duties of the commission shall be as follows:
      1.   Tree Master Plan: To study, investigate, counsel, develop, administer and/or update a "tree master plan" for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of public trees. The tree plan shall specify the species of tree to be planted on each of the streets or other public sites of the city. From and after the adoption of the tree master plan, or any amendment thereof, all planting shall conform thereto. A street tree inventory should be included and updated along with the tree master plan. A list of approved trees to be planted shall be maintained and included in the standards and specifications.
      2.   Capital Projects: Establish policies for the review and approval of capital projects where trees or other vegetation will be planted or removed on city property.
      3.   Private Projects: Establish policies for the review and approval of projects on private property where open space and/or landscaping is required as a condition for the development, and establish policies for the enforcement of approved plans.
      4.   Promoting Landscaping: Encourage installation and maintenance of landscaping on private property by providing information on the value of landscaping and on the proper planting and care of trees and other vegetation, by conducting educational campaigns to inform residents of the requirements of city ordinances relating to landscaping, and by promoting private involvement in beautification projects.
      5.   Arbor Day: Promote appreciation of trees and the urban forest through annual Arbor Day, the last Friday in April, observances and other activities.
      6.   Project Identification: Identify landscaping projects that will enhance the urban forest and incorporate these projects into the comprehensive tree plan.
      7.   Historic Preservation: Establish policies and procedures to identify, mark, publicize and preserve historic and notable trees on both public and private property.
      8.   Landscape Budget: Establish an annual budget for the planting and care of trees and other vegetation at an appropriate funding level.
      9.   Urban Forest Improvement: Encourage improvement and expansion of the urban forest through planning and policy development.
      10.   Advocates For Urban Forest: In all instances, serve as an advocate of the city's urban forest.
   B.   Urban Forester:
      1.   Created; Qualifications; Appointment: There is hereby created the office of urban forester. The urban forester shall hold a college degree or its equivalent in arboriculture, ornamental or landscape horticulture, urban forestry, or other closely related field, and shall administer and enforce this chapter. Related work experience of four (4) years may be substituted for the appropriate amount of education. The urban forester shall be appointed by the city manager, with the advice and consent of the city council and shade tree commission. The urban forester may be assisted by other persons as authorized.
      2.   Duties Of The Urban Forester: The urban forester shall represent Farmington City in carrying out and enforcing of the stated purposes of this chapter and shall have the following responsibilities:
         a.   Supervision: Supervise the urban forestry program, and regulate the planting, maintenance, removal, fertilization, pruning, and bracing of public trees to ensure safety and/or preserve the aesthetics of streets and public places.
         b.   Condition Of Permit: Affix reasonable conditions to the granting of a permit in accordance with the terms of this chapter.
         c.   Permit Issuance: Issue permits as required herein, and inspect all work done under a permit issued in accordance with the terms of this chapter.
         d.   Tree Master Plan: Assist the shade tree commission, as necessary, in the formulation of the tree master plan. The urban forester, with the approval of the shade tree commission, shall have the authority to amend or add to the tree master plan at any time that circumstances make it advisable. (Ord. 2009-50, 10-6-2009)