A.   Permit Required; Replacement Plan: No person or firm shall remove from the park strip or otherwise disturb any public tree without first receiving a permit from the city or urban forester. Prior to receiving a permit for the removal of any public tree, an authorized replacement plan shall be submitted at the time the permit is requested. Such replacement plan shall meet the standards of size, species and placement as provided for in the permit. The person or firm removing the tree shall bear the entire cost of removal and replacement of all trees removed. The person or firm receiving the permit shall abide by the urban forestry standards and specifications of practice adopted by Farmington City.
   B.   Removal For Construction Purposes; Replacement: If it is necessary to remove a tree from the park strip due to installation of a sidewalk, or the paving or widening of the portion of a street or highway used for vehicular traffic, such trees shall be replaced on a one for one basis, consistent with the urban forestry standards and specifications adopted by the city, by the person who removed, or caused the tree to be removed, as soon as possible weather permitting. If conditions, excluding weather related conditions, prevent replanting in a park strip, this requirement may be satisfied if an equivalent number of trees are planted on adjoining property.
   C.   Unauthorized Tree Removal: Each unauthorized tree removed shall constitute a distinct and separate offense and shall also be punishable by the maximum fine allowed under law.
   D.   Hazardous Trees: The city urban forester, or his or her designee, shall have the authority to cause the removal of a hazard tree when either pruning or target removal are not adequate corrective actions. (Ord. 2009-50, 10-6-2009)