11-42-010: PURPOSE:
The city council of Farmington City, Utah, recognizes the importance of livability, environmental values, health benefits, real estate values and aesthetics of the urban forest to the quality of life in Farmington City, and deems that in order to preserve the peace, health, safety and welfare, and promote the best interest of the inhabitants of Farmington City, that this chapter be enacted, which shall provide standards, guidelines and criteria for:
   A.   The planting, maintenance and removal of trees in the public streets, parkways, trails, easements, parks, and other municipal owned property;
   B.   Review of proposals for the planting, maintenance and removal of trees on public property;
   C.   The pruning and removal of trees on private property which endanger public safety; and
   D.   Prescribing penalties for violations of its provisions. (Ord. 2009-50, 10-6-2009)