There shall be established a fund of the city for the purpose of providing perpetual care and maintenance of the cemetery. The following shall be deposited in the perpetual care fund:
   A.   Fees:
      1.   All permit fees for all markers or headstones;
      2.   Fifty percent (50%) for each burial right sold by the city;
      3.   Such additional funds as are authorized by resolution of the city council;
      4.   The city council, by resolution, may establish and amend the fee structure for markers, sale of "right to burial" permits, interment and disinterment fees.
   B.   Use Of Perpetual Care Funds:
      1.   Interest earnings accrued annually in the perpetual care fund may be transferred into the city's general fund or otherwise allocated to provide for the operational costs of the cemetery;
      2.   The city council may, at its discretion, authorize by resolution the use of perpetual care funds (not solely interest earnings) for the following purposes:
         a.   For partial reimbursement of the city's general fund for cemetery operational expenses not provided by perpetual care interest transfers;
         b.   To purchase land and/or to make improvements or to pay for development costs of an expansion of the existing cemetery and/or development of a new cemetery;
         c.   To purchase capital equipment valued in excess of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00) if the use of such equipment for cemetery purposes is proportionate to the monetary contribution made from the perpetual care fund. (Ord. 2009-31, 6-16-2009)