The city manager, under the direction and control of the governing body of the city, shall have responsibility for the general supervision of the city cemetery. All markers, planting, improvements or other work of any kind, nature or description, must be done under the direction and control of the city manager. No person owning a right to burial in the city cemetery shall plant, grade or do any work in said cemetery, except by permission of the city. Before burying anyone in the cemetery, the city shall require relatives or persons having charge of the body to furnish in writing, upon blank forms provided by the city, giving the name of the person deceased, with the names of his parents or other relatives, date and place of birth, date and place of death, cause of death, the name of the attending physician, if any, the size of the outside box or vault and the plat, block and lot where the person is to be buried. The city shall keep a record of such information. The city manager shall cause to be dug all graves required for the burial of the dead therein, keep a record of burials and removals, and regulate all funeral corteges while in the cemetery. (Ord. 2009-31, 6-16-2009)