The town shall have the right to cut off the water and to discontinue the furnishing of water and/or sewer services through the utility lines constructed and dedicated pursuant to this subchapter at any time without notice, whenever it shall appear to the town in the sole and absolute discretion of the Board that to continue to furnish water and/or sewer services to the consumers along any of the lines would render the town unable to properly furnish an adequate water supply or adequate sewer service for the use of its consumers and citizens living within the corporate limits of the town, but in the event, the town shall give the dedicators and the consumers an ample notice of the intention to discontinue the water supply or sewer service, or both, as the circumstances of the situation render practicable. The town specifically does not, and shall not, agree or undertake or be required to furnish to the dedicators, or to any consumer along any of the utility lines constructed and dedicated pursuant to this subchapter, any stated or particular pressure of water, and the town specifically does not and shall not agree to furnish fire protection, nor shall there be any responsibility. The town shall not be liable to the dedicators or to any consumer or to any person for any failure to supply water for the character or quality of the water supplied or for any failure or inadequacy of sewer service.
(1988 Code, § 22-222)