Upon the approval of an application for connection to the town’s utility system by the Board and before any person shall connect in any manner any privately owned utility line or system with the public utility lines or systems of the town, the person shall properly execute a written deed of dedication and contract in a form approved by the Town Attorney, by which, in consideration of making the connection and the benefits to be derived therefrom, the person shall dedicate, give, grant and convey the privately owned utility line or system to the town, and automatically upon its completion, inspection and connection with the system of the town, the same shall become the sole and absolute property of the town and a part of the public utility system of the town without any cost or expense to the town and without any obligation whatsoever on the part of the town to compensate or reimburse the dedicators or their successors or assigns in any amount. The dedication to the town of any privately owned utility lines and the connection of any lines with the public utility lines of the town shall be upon and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this subchapter.
(1988 Code, § 22-216)