After action has been taken by the approving authority pursuant to § 51.37 and recommendations have been made to the Board, the Board shall consider and act upon the question of approving or disapproving the application, and the action of the Board shall be final; provided, however, that the Board may indicate to the owners or promoters of any addition, subdivision or development the requirements which must be met as a prerequisite for approving the application. In prescribing prerequisite requirements for approval of the application for utility connections, the Board shall, in approving the subdivision or development, determine the width of streets, the adequacy of drainage, the type of paving, the size and type of pipes and other equipment, the location of streets, particularly with respect to their coordination with the street plan of the town and other matters with respect to the development or subdivision as the Board in its discretion may deem proper.
(1988 Code, § 22-215)