Every alarm business shall meet the experience requirements of this section before it may engage in such alarm business in the City.
   (a)   At least one individual who is an owner, officer, partner or employee of the applicant for a license under this chapter shall establish that he or she was engaged in or employed by an alarm business, in sales, service or installation, for an aggregate period of two years prior to the filing of an application. Such individual shall file with the Police Alarm Administrator sworn statements of such experience by at least two citizens of the community in which such individual was so engaged or employed. The individual whom the applicant relies upon to comply with this subsection shall be a person who devotes a substantial portion of his or her time to engaging in and/or supervising the sale, installation or servicing of alarm systems on behalf of the applicant.
   (b)   For the purpose of fulfilling the two-year experience requirement of subsection (a) hereof, employment by or engagement in an alarm business in one or more communities within the State may be aggregated.
   (c)   If the individual upon whom an applicant relies to comply with subsection (a) hereof shall, within a period of three years after such compliance or qualification, for any reason cease to perform his or her duties on a regular basis, the alarm business shall promptly notify the Police Alarm Administrator by certified or registered mail and shall obtain as promptly as possible a substitute eligible administrator. If the alarm business fails to obtain such substitute eligible individual within six months from and after the disqualification of such individual, the Alarm Administrator may revoke the alarm business license; may, in his or her discretion, extend for a reasonable time the period for obtaining a substitute qualified individual; or may determine, based upon the experience and performance of the alarm business, that the alarm business need not obtain such substitute qualifying individual.
(Ord. 1986-177S. Passed 1-19-87.)