(a)   The Police Alarm Administrator shall review each application for a license and may conduct an investigation to determine whether or not the facts set forth in the application are true. He or she shall, within sixty days after receipt of an application for such a license, either approve or deny issuance of the same and, accordingly, forward written notification to the applicant of such decision. A written notification of denial shall include the basis for such finding, and, if the grounds for denial are subject to correction, the applicant shall be given ten days after receipt of such notice within which to make the required correction.
   (b)   The Police Alarm Administrator may deny an application for an alarm business license if he or she finds that the applicant, the individual having the authority and responsibility for the management and operation of the applicant's alarm business, the individual upon whom the applicant relies to comply with Section 840.08(a) or any of the owners, partners or principal corporate officers of such alarm business have:
      (1)   Committed any act which, if committed by a licensee, would be grounds for revocation of a license under Section 840.06(b);
      (2)   While unlicensed, knowingly and willfully committed or aided and abetted in the commission of any act for which a license is required by this chapter; or
      (3)   Been convicted in any jurisdiction of a felony or misdemeanor, if the Police Alarm Administrator finds that such conviction reflects unfavorably on the fitness of the applicant to engage in the alarm business.    
(Ord. 1986-177S. Passed 1-19-87.)