As used in this chapter, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:
    (a)    “Commercial solicitation” and “commercial solicitor” means any person who calls at residences without an invitation or previous consent of the owner or occupant of such premises for the purpose of any one (1) or more of the following activities:
         (1)   Seeking to obtain orders for the purchase of goods, wares, merchandise, investments or products or services of any kind, character or description whatever for either present or future delivery;
         (2)   Seeking to obtain subscriptions to books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and every other kind or type of publication;
         (3)   Seeking to sell any goods, articles or services of any kind;
    (b)    “Non-commercial solicitation” and “non-commercial solicitor” means:
         (1)   Seeking to obtain from an occupant of any residence an indication of such occupant's belief and/or support in regard to any social, political or religious matters;
         (2)   Seeking to obtain contributions or purchase of any goods, articles or services of any kind for the support or benefit of any educational, civic, philanthropic, charitable, religious or non-profit association, organization, corporation or project;
         (3)   Seeking to influence the personal belief of the occupant of any residence in regard to any social, political or religious matter; or
         (4)   Taking a poll or census by any person, firm or corporation, pursuant to a federal, state or local government statute or ordinance.
(Ord. 2007-049.  Passed 9-4-07.)