(a)   No person shall participate with four (4) or more others in a course of disorderly conduct in violation of Section 648.04:
      (1)   With purpose to commit or facilitate the commission of a misdemeanor, other than disorderly conduct:
      (2)   With purpose to intimidate a public official or employee into taking or refraining from official action, or with purpose to hinder, impede or obstruct a function of government;
      (3)   With purpose to hinder, impede or obstruct the orderly process of administration or instruction at an educational institution, or to interfere with or disrupt lawful activities carried on at such institution.
   (b)   No person shall participate with four (4) or more others with purpose to do an act with unlawful force or violence, even though such act might otherwise be lawful.
(ORC 2917.03; Ord. 1974-68. Passed 2-18-74.)
   (c)   Whenever the Mayor, in his judgment, determines that an emergency exists as a result of mob action or other civil disobedience causing danger of injury or damage to persons or property, he shall have power to impose by proclamation any or all of the following regulations necessary to preserve the peace and order of the City:
      (1)   To impose a curfew upon all or any portion of the City, thereby requiring all persons in such designated curfew areas to forthwith remove themselves from the public streets, alleys, parks or other public places, provided, however, that Councilmen, physicians, nurses and ambulance operators performing medical services, utility personnel maintaining essential public services, fire-fighters and other authorized or requested City law enforcement officers and personnel are exempt from such curfew;
      (2)   To order the closing of any business establishment anywhere in the City for the period of emergency, such businesses to include, but not be limited to, those selling intoxicating liquors, malt beverages, gasoline or firearms;
      (3)   To designate any public street, thoroughfare or vehicle parking area closed to motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic; or
      (4)   To call upon regular and auxiliary law enforcement agencies and organization within or without the City to assist in preserving and keeping the peace.
   (d)   The proclamation of emergency provided herein shall become effective upon its issuance and dissemination to the public by means of the appropriate news media.
   (e)   Any emergency proclaimed in accordance with the provisions of subsections (c) and (d) hereof shall terminate forty-eight (48) hours after the issuance thereof or upon the issuance of a proclamation determining that an emergency no longer exists, whichever occurs first, provided, however, that such emergency may be extended for such additional periods as determined necessary by the Mayor.
(Ord. 1968-121. Passed 9-16-68.)
   (f)   Whoever violates subsection (a) or (b) hereof is guilty of riot, a misdemeanor of the fires degree. and shall be subject to the penalty provided in Section 698.02.
(ORC 2917.03; Ord. 1974-68. Passed 2-18-74.)
   (g)   For the purposes of prosecuting violations of this section, the prosecution is not required to allege or prove that the offender expressly agreed with four or more others to commit any act that constitutes a violation this section prior to or while committing those acts.
(ORC 2917.031)
   (h)   Whoever purposely or knowingly falls or refuses to comply with the orders authorized law enforcement officers or personnel charged with the responsibility of enforcing the proclamation of emergency authorized in subsections (c) through (e) hereof is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.  The penalty shall be as provided in Section 698.02.