(a)   If any City Law Enforcement Officer has probable cause to believe that the item(s) described in the reports provided for under this chapter is stolen property, the City Law Enforcement Officer shall notify the secondhand dealer in writing, and upon receipt of such notice, the secondhand dealer shall retain such items(s) until the expiration a reasonable period of time to conduct an investigation has elapsed, such time shall not be less than thirty days after the day on which the secondhand dealer first uploaded the required information onto the LeadsOnline program or similar system provided for under this chapter, unless the City Law Enforcement Officer notifies the secondhand dealer in writing that retention is not required until such expiration.
   (b)   Every licensee shall immediately report to the Fairlawn Police Department any article or thing pledged or sold to it; or which is sought to be pledged or sold to it, if it has reason to believe that the article or thing was stolen or lost.
(Ord. 2018-057.  Passed 12-17-18.)