(a)   No licensee under the provisions of this chapter or agent or employee thereof shall disassemble, take apart, change the form of, sell, or remove from the corporation limits of the City any of the goods, articles, or things sold to him, which are set forth in Section 850.01(b) until the same have been in his possession at least twenty-one days, starting from the day in which the item(s) are reported and uploaded to the LeadsOnline program or the electronic system then in use by the City. Notwithstanding the fourteen-day holding period, a licensee may release an article to the seller in accordance with state law prior to fourteen days from receipt of the item.
   (b)   A licensee may apply to the Mayor or his designee for a waiver of or modification to the holding period requirement within this section if licensee can demonstrate that the recently purchased secondhand articles are accessible to licensee during the twenty-one day holding period and can feasibly be delivered or provided to the Fairlawn Police Department within forty-eight hours' notice.
(Ord. 2018-057.  Passed 12-17-18.)