(a)   A secondhand dealer shall be considered "temporary" when the dealer engages in the business activities described in Section 850.01(b) within the City's borders for a total of fourteen days or less within a period of six consecutive months. All temporary secondhand dealers must first be duly licensed under the provisions of this chapter before engaging in the business. Temporary secondhand dealers shall be subject to all of the same requirements under this chapter except that:
      (1)   Temporary licenses shall only be valid for the dates the applicant plans to conduct such business within the City, which shall be prominently displayed on the license; and
      (2)   Temporary licensees may comply with Section 850.09 by either subscribing to LeadsOnline or other electronic reporting system in use by the City or by keeping written records of all transactions that would have otherwise been entered in the electronic reporting system and submitting copies of such records to the Fairlawn Police Department within twenty-four hours of completing the transaction(s) during the term of the temporary license. If a temporary licensee uses written records, such records shall contain all the same information required on the electronic reporting system in use by the City.
   (b)   Any secondhand dealer that does not qualify as temporary shall be considered permanent and shall not be subject to this provision. The Mayor or his designee shall create all temporary license application forms to be used in accordance with this chapter, with the Law Director's approval.
(Ord. 2018-057.  Passed 12-17-18.)