Every applicant for a secondhand dealer license who intends to trade in precious stones or any manufactured article composed wholly or in part of gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metal must obtain an inspection and test from the Summit County Division of Weights and Measures of any and all scales, balances, or other instruments and devices for weighting and measuring, and any appliances and accessories associated with any or all such instruments and devices used at the location indicated on the application. The Mayor or his designee must receive a certification from the Weights and Measures Superintendent that the required inspection and testing has taken place and that the scales, balances, instruments, devices, appliances, and accessories give a correct weight. The City shall not grant the application without the proper certification. The certification issued by the Weights and Measures Superintendent is valid only for the location indicated on the application. It is not transferable to any other person, partnership, corporation, or any other entity.
(Ord. 2018-057.  Passed 12-17-18.)