(a)   Every applicant for a license shall make an application in writing to the Mayor or his designee, which application shall set forth the name under which the business is to be conducted, the name of every person owning or having an interest in the business, the name of any person to be employed in the business, the location where the business is to be conducted, and the type of secondhand articles to be purchased, sold, or exchanged. The application must be made by the person who is to conduct or manage the business.
   (b)   No license shall be issued or renewed to any applicant if the applicant, any of the persons owning or having an interest in the business, or any employee of the business has been convicted of any felony or any crime involving fraud, theft, receiving or possessing stolen property in the five years immediately preceding the date of the license application. Applicants shall grant the City authorization to run standard police background investigations on the applicant, the owners and any employees of the to-be-licensed business. The Mayor or his designee shall not issue a license until all background checks are completed on persons required by this chapter. Applicants denied a license may re-apply annually.
(Ord. 2018-057.  Passed 12-17-18.)