(a)   Any person affected by any notice and order which has been issued by the Code Official in connection with the enforcement of any of the provisions of this Title may request and shall be granted a hearing on the matter before the Real Property Maintenance Board.
   (b)   A person who appeals any notice and order shall file a written request for a hearing and shall set forth the name, address and telephone number of the appellant and a brief statement of the basis for the appeal and the relief requested from an order of the Code Official. Requests shall be filed within ten (10) days after the day the notice and order is served and shall be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of thirty dollars ($30.00).
   (c)   Upon receipt of the request, the Real Property Maintenance Board shall set a time and place for a hearing before the Board. The hearing shall be held within a reasonable time after an appeal has been filed.
   (d)   The appellant shall be given a hearing to show cause why the notice and order should be modified or dismissed, or why a variance should be granted. The failure of the appellant or his or her representative to appear and present their position at the hearing shall result in dismissal of the request.
(Ord. 2008-051. Passed 6-16-08; Ord. 2014-088. Passed 11-3-14.)