(a)   In the case of failure to comply with the Real Property Maintenance Board's order within forty-five (45) days of being issued pursuant to this Title, the Board shall cause the commercial building or structure or premises to be repaired, vacated, or demolished, as the facts may warrant under the standards provided for in this Title and The International Property Maintenance Code. The Board shall advise the Code Official so that appropriate action may be instituted to cause the building, structure or premises to be repaired or demolished.
   (b)   Should the owner fail, neglect or refuse to pay the costs so incurred in complying with the provisions of this chapter, the costs shall be paid by the City out of the treasury on the certificate of the Code Official and the Director of Finance shall then certify the amount so paid to the County of Summit Fiscal Officer. The Fiscal Officer shall enter the amount on the tax duplicate of County of Summit as a special assessment against the real estate on which the building, structure or premises is situated. The assessment shall be collected as other taxes and assessments and, when collected, shall be refunded to the City. Alternatively, the Law Director of the City of Fairlawn is authorized to institute civil suit for the City against the owner of the real estate on which the building, structure or premises is situated as provided in Ohio R.C. 715.261.
(Ord. 2008-051. Passed 6-16-08.)