(a)   At the end of the time period allowed for correction of any violation cited pursuant to Section 1558.02, the Code Official shall cause the commercial building, structure or premises to be re-inspected. A re-inspection fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) shall be paid for each re-inspection following the initial inspection, provided that there shall be no re-inspection fee for any re-inspection indicating compliance with the violations noticed pursuant to Section 1558.02.
   (b)   If, after thirty (30) days, re-inspection fees remain unpaid, the Director of Finance shall certify the total amount of the expenses and administrative fee, if applicable, the name of the owner of the land and a sufficient description of the premises to the Summit County Fiscal Officer, to be entered on the tax duplicate, to be a lien on the land from the date of entry and to be collected as other taxes and assessments and returned to the City, pursuant to Ohio R.C. 731.54.
(Ord. 2008-051. Passed 6-16-08.)