(a)   Inspections. The Code Official is authorized and directed to make inspections to determine the conditions of all commercial buildings or structures and premises located within the City. Subject to the provisions of this section the Code Official is authorized to enter, examine and survey at all reasonable times all buildings, structures and premises to implement the provisions of all applicable codes.
   (b)   Investigation of Complaints of Violations. The Code Official shall inspect commercial buildings, structures or premises for compliance with all applicable codes as required by this Title and pursuant to any citizen complaint regarding a commercial building, structure or premises believed to be in violation of any of the provisions of all applicable codes. The Code Official shall make a written record of such examination.
   (c)   Access to Commercial Buildings, Structures or Premises. The owner, operator or occupant of every commercial building, structure or premises, on request of the Code Official, may give the Code Official free access to the commercial building, structure or premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspection and survey. If entry is refused or not obtained, the Code Official shall conduct the inspection only as provided by law. This Title shall not be construed to require an owner, operator or occupant to consent to a warrantless inspection of a commercial building or structure or premises except as provided by law.
   (d)   Reporting Other Violations. The Code Official may also refer any visible violations of the health, building or safety codes of the City of Fairlawn, Summit County, Ohio, and the State of Ohio, witnessed during any inspection executed pursuant to the provisions of this Title to the appropriate administrative agency or officer.
(Ord. 2008-051. Passed 6-16-08.)