(a)   Administrative Penalties. In addition to any criminal penalties that may be imposed pursuant to the individual Chapters of Part Fourteen, any person who violates or fails to comply with any of the provisions of the Part Fourteen shall be subject to following administrative penalties in accordance with the criteria stated in Section 1490.02 of this chapter:
      (1)   For a first offense, an administrative fine of up to one hundred dollars ($100.00).
      (2)   For a second offense, an administrative fine of up to two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00).
      (3)   For a third offense, an administrative fine of up to five hundred dollars ($500.00).
   (b)   If a person fails, neglects or refuses to pay an administrative penalty within the time ordered pursuant to Section 1490.02 of the Code, then the Commissioner of Zoning, Housing and Residential Chief Building Official or his designee shall so notify the Director of Finance. In addition to the administrative penalty an interest rate equal to the current rate of interest charged by the City on special assessments shall be imposed by the City for the life of the administrative penalty and collected as provided in this section. The Director of Finance shall then certify the amount of the administrative penalty, including interest, to the County of Summit Fiscal Office. The County of Summit Fiscal Office shall enter the amount on the tax duplicate of the county as a special assessment against the person's real estate at issue.
(Ord. 2007-035. Passed 5-7-07; Ord. 2009-039. Passed 5-18-09.)