No funds of the City shall at any time be disbursed until such disbursement has been approved by the Board of Audit and Review, with the following exceptions:
   (a)   For salaries or wages in accordance with schedules heretofore established by Council. Retainers shall be considered salary or wages, but charges in excess of retainers shall be reviewed by the Board;
   (b)   For public utility services to the City for which funds have heretofore been appropriated by Council;
   (c)   For refunds of income taxes overpaid;
   (d)   For refunds of deposits made for street opening permits;
   (e)   For the Public Employees Retirement System and other pension funds which are a legal obligation of the City;
   (f)   For insurance premiums for contracts that have been approved by Council and for which funds have been appropriated;
(Ord. 1974-76. Passed 3-4-74.)
   (g)   For expenditures of the Civil Service Commission;
(Ord. 1979-24. Passed 4-16-79.)
   (h)   For refunds of deposits for Community Center rentals; and
   (i)   For refunds of cancelled special events.
   (j)   For qualified expenditures under the City's health insurance plans;
   (k)   For expenditures less than five hundred dollars ($500.00) when the Mayor and the Finance Director determine it to be in the best interest of the City; and
(Ord. 2002-114A. Passed 12-16-02.)
   (l)   For refunds of overpaid and/or cancelled FairlawnGig services.
(Ord. 2020-027. Passed 4-20-20.)