(a)   No person shall park or store, or permit to be parked or stored, for a period of more than thirty (30) days, any unlicensed motor vehicle except in an enclosed building or garage or as otherwise permitted by law. A motor vehicle parked or stored in violation of this section after thirty (30) days' notice of such violation, mailed or delivered to the owner or person in possession of the premises, by the Zoning Inspector or his designee, may be removed to a motor vehicle pound or other place of storage by any police officer, at his discretion, and shall not be released except on presentment of current license and registration and upon payment of towing and storage charges. Motor vehicles so removed may be disposed of according to the provisions of Ohio R.C. 4513.61 et seq.
   (b)   Whoever fails to remove an unlicensed motor vehicle left in the open, after receipt of a proper order to remove the same, is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. Each motor vehicle left in the open in violation of subsection (a) of this section shall constitute a separate offense. Every thirty (30) days that this section is violated shall constitute a separate offense.
   (c)   Expenses as a Lien. All costs and expenses incurred by the City in removing any motor vehicle, together with an administrative charge of Fifty dollars ($50.00), shall be reported to the Director of Finance, who shall mail a statement thereof to the owner of the property, if his address is known. If after thirty (30) days the amount remains unpaid, the Director of Finance shall certify the total amount due, the name of the owner of the land, and a sufficient description of the premises to the Auditor of Summit County to be entered upon the tax duplicate, to be a lien on the land from the date of entry, to be collected as other taxes and assessments and returned to the City, pursuant to Ohio R.C. 731.54. The remedy provided for herein shall be in addition to the penalties provided in subsection (b) of this section.
(Ord. 2005-030A.  Passed 4-18-05.)