Department of Public Safety
Editor's note: Pursuant to Section 3.05D.(1) of the City Charter, Ordinance 1986-68, passed April 7, 1986, provided for the establishment of the combined position of Director of Public Safety/ Public Service. Ordinance 1991-205, passed December 16, 1991, repealed Ordinance 1986-68, as codified in Section 236.05.
   236.01   Personnel qualifications; methods of selection.
   236.02   Police Division operations.
   236.03   Part-time Dog Warden.  (Repealed)
   236.04   Safety Secretary.  (Repealed)
   236.05   Director of Public Safety/Public Services.  (Repealed)
   236.06   Division of Communications.  (Repealed)
      Appointment of the Director - see CHTR. Sec. 3.05D.
      Mayor to perform duties until officer appointed - see CHTR. Sec. 8.01
      Duties of the Director - see CHTR. Sec. 8.02
      Power of the Director re dates for bid openings - see ADM. 282.04
      Bond of the Director - see ADM. 250.08(a)
      Director's powers re traffic control - see TRAF. 406.01 et seq.
      Director's travel allowances - see ADM. 250.16