(a)   Establishment.
      (1)   The Director of Finance is hereby authorized to establish a fund to be known as the Drug Law Enforcement Fund.  Such Fund shall be used for the purpose specified in Ohio R.C. 2925.03.  The establishment of such Fund shall be accomplished upon receipt of permission therefor from the Auditor of the State.
      (2)   The Director of Finance is hereby authorized to request approval for the establishment of such Fund from the Auditor of the State.
(Ord. 1990-195. Passed 12-17-90.)
   (b)   Internal Control Policy.  The Chief of Police is hereby directed to adopt the following internal control policy for use within the City.
   The mandatory fines shall be used to subsidize the Police Division's law enforcement efforts that pertain to drug offenses.  This money shall, with prior legislative approval, be used for:
      (1)   Police training involving the prevention of drug trafficking;
      (2)   Buy money for drug purchases;
      (3)   Equipment for the narcotics unit of the Division;
      (4)   Salaries for narcotics officers; and
      (5)   Such other law enforcement purposes that Council determines to be appropriate.
   No money will be spent out of the Drug Law Enforcement Fund unless it is related to any of the above drug related purposes and no money shall be used to meet the needs of the City that are unrelated to law enforcement.
(Ord. 1991-14. Passed 1-7-91.)