(a)   Every ordinance and resolution of Council shall be published on the City website and by posting the same, not later than ten days after its enactment and approval by the Mayor, or the effective date if not signed by the Mayor, in the following public places within the City:
      (1)   In the lobby of the Fairlawn City Hall;
      (2)   In the lobby of the Fairlawn Police Department;
      (3)    In such other places as Council may specifically direct when it deems necessary under the circumstances.
   No posted copies shall be removed from such locations for 14 days after the posting thereof, but any removal by anyone other than an officer or employee of the City shall not invalidate the publication made by initial posting.
   (b)   In addition to the publication required by subsection (a) hereof, when Council deems it warranted Council may require specific individual forms of notice of the enactment of any ordinance or resolution which:
      (1)   Levies any tax or special assessment.
      (2)   Provides for the issuance of bonds or notes.
      (3)   Adds a misdemeanor or a penalty therefor.
      (4)   Requires the licensing of any activity or
      (5)   Imposes a new fee or charge.
   (c)   Such forms of notice referenced in subsection (b) may include, but is not limited to. publishing notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the community, or sending notice via U.S. Mail or a courier service, within a reasonable time after enactment and approval, or the effective date if not signed by the Mayor. Such notice shall be approved by the Director of Law and transmitted to the Clerk of Council for publication as herein set forth. Such notice shall contain a summary of the substance of the ordinance or resolution (such summary may be the title only of such ordinance or resolution) and a statement that the full text of the same is available for inspection at the office of the Clerk or upon the City's website. Inadvertent failure of the Clerk to publish notice as provided herein, or any irregularity in the content thereof, shall not invalidate any ordinance or resolution of Council which is properly published pursuant to subsection (a) hereof.
(Ord. 2020-034.  Passed 6-15-20; Ord. 2020-086.  Passed 12-21-20.)