The Clerk of Council shall be responsible for all ministerial matters of Council and shall be appointed and removed by a majority of those elected or appointed to Council. The Clerk of Council shall be an unclassified position. The Clerk of Council shall accept all correspondence on behalf of Council, shall prepare the agenda and minutes of all Council meetings and shall perform such other duties as Council may direct consistent with the office of Clerk of Council.
   The Clerk of Council shall have custody of all laws, ordinances, and resolutions of Council, have custody of all official documents, reports, papers and files of Council and shall authenticate the same by signature and seal. During the temporary absence or disability of the Clerk of Council, Council shall by an affirmative vote of a majority of its members appoint someone to perform the duties of that office.
   Council shall establish the compensation of the Clerk and Council shall provide for such assistants as shall from time to time be deemed by Council to be necessary. The Clerk of Council shall not be required to reside in the Municipality.
(Enacted November 3, 1992; Amended November 6, 2001)