The Police Division shall consist of a Chief of Police, and such other officers, patrolmen and personnel as Council shall provide by ordinance.
   The Chief of Police shall be appointed by the Mayor with the concurrence of Council as provided.
   The Chief of Police shall be responsible for the issuance of all licensing in the Municipality pertaining to peddlers, going out of business sales, fire sales, bankrupt sales, organizational solicitation, or other activities authorized by Council.
   The Police Division shall be responsible for all traffic controls. This shall include the normal duties of traffic law enforcement, surveys of traffic density within the Municipality for recommendations to Council and for the State of Ohio for the installation of traffic lights or traffic signs, and any other controls deemed necessary by Council.
   Until such time as a civil service system is established pursuant to this Charter, members of the Police Division shall be appointed and may be removed under the procedure provided by the general laws of the State of Ohio for the appointment and removal of City policy.