(a)   Generally. Upon completion of alterations, additions or new construction, the Building and Zoning Commissioner shall issue a Use Certificate when all of the following have been brought into compliance or are under an approved bond:
      (1)   The authority having jurisdiction has issued or authorized a Certificate of Occupancy required by the OBC;
      (2)   The requirements of the City Codified Ordinances are in compliance;
      (3)   Address numerals are installed;
      (4)   Fire lanes, when required, are marked on the site;
      (5)   The requirements of the City Planning Commission, when applicable, shall be completed; and
      (6)   All requirements established by the City Council are met.
   (b)   Point of Sale Spaces in Malls.
      (1)   Within spaces designated by the OBC as a mall, the installation of points of sales (kiosks, etc.) and permanent structures shall be in compliance with the location requirements of the OBC.
      (2)   Points of sales facilities shall obtain an annual Zoning Use Certificate based upon the location of the facility.
      (3)   Mall management shall file with the Building and Zoning Commissioner a map that shows all possible locations for point of sale facilities. Upon approval by the Commissioner, only these locations shall be utilized.
   (c)   Mall Shows, Promotional Displays, Special Events. Special events contained within the mall concourse shall maintain all required means of egress facilities in addition to the spaces required for persons viewing the displays.  Crossovers between displays shall not exceed one hundred twenty-five (125) feet.
      (1)   Mall management shall provide a layout of the mall concourse and obtain a permit for each special event. The layout shall show all locations of fire extinguishers and hazardous materials.
      (2)   Applications for special events shall be received a minimum of fourteen (14) days before the scheduled opening date.
      (3)   Blocking of means of egress, exit signs or emergency lighting is strictly prohibited.
      (4)   The fire sprinkler system shall not be inhibited as specified in NFPA-13.
(Ord. 2001-005. Passed 3-5-01; Ord. 2007-035.  Passed 5-7-07.)