A.   The Director of Finance shall be the head of the Department of Finance and have charge of the administration of the fiscal affairs of the Municipality. He shall serve the Mayor and Council as financial adviser in Municipal affairs. His duties shall include the preparation of data for the annual estimate, custody of all public funds of the Municipality, keeping and supervision of all accounts, the certification for collection of special assessments, the collection of all license fees and permit fees, and the performance of such additional duties in fiscal matters as Council may direct.
   B.   The Director of Finance shall establish and maintain accounting procedures necessary for keeping complete financial records accurately showing all moneys received and expended, all property owned by the Municipality, all revenues accrued and liabilities incurred, and the financial transactions of all departments and officers of the Municipality. Such accounting procedures and financial records shall be adequate in form and in such detail as necessary for the making of all financial reports and furnishing such other financial data and statements as may be required of him under this Charter.
   C.   All public funds shall be kept and preserved in the place or places authorized by ordinance, and the Director of Finance shall disburse said funds only as authorized by law or ordinance. He shall not allow the amount set aside for any appropriation to be overdrawn or drawn for any purpose other than the purpose provided by ordinance of Council. He shall have the right to examine and audit the accounts of all departments, officers, employees, boards and commissions of the Municipality.
   No warrant for the payment of public funds shall be issued and no claim against or obligation of the Municipality shall be paid except upon voucher first approved in writing by the department head or officer for whom the obligation or claim was incurred, and in case of purchases, such vouchers shall also be approved in writing by the Director of Public Service.
   D.   The Director of Finance shall assist the Mayor in the preparation of an annual budget as provided in Article III hereof, and shall prepare financial statements at least quarterly and submit same to the Council not later than fifteen (15) days after the end of each accounting period, detailed as to appropriations and funds in such manner as to show the true financial condition of the Municipality, and each department and division thereof as of the last day of the accounting period. He shall furnish such other financial reports, data and statements as shall be required by the Mayor, Council or laws of the State of Ohio.
(Amended November 2, 2004)