(a)   No owner, tenant, agent, lessee or occupant or other person in charge of any building, premises, residence, apartment or place of business shall permit the collection, storage, deposit or piling up of any garbage, refuse and/or rubbish, or building materials whether combustible or noncombustible, in any building, dwelling, apartment, place of business or on any lot except in properly covered receptacles. Such receptacles shall not be kept or placed within five (5) feet of any wooden fence, building, garage or other storage area.
   (b)   The only exception to (a) above is the collection and storage of leaves in plastic bags for disposal in conjunction with the City's Fall Leaf Collection Program.
(Ord. 2000-42A. Passed 5-1-00; Ord. 2006-117AA.  Passed 4-16-07.)