(A)   Procedure for opening new account.
      (1)   New electric utility accounts may be opened in the following manner:
         (a)   In-person walk-in;
         (b)   Via telephone - optional - at the discretion of the Program Administrator; or
         (c)   Via fax - optional - at the discretion of the Program Administrator.
      (2)   Information and documentation required for walk-in (potential customer to open new account):
         (a)   Driver’s license or alternate government issued picture ID (required);
         (b)   Second form of identification, such as credit card (optional);
         (c)   New service address (required);
         (d)   New service telephone number (if new);
         (e)   Most recent previous address (required);
         (f)   Social Security number (optional) if in person;
         (g)   Permission signed for credit reporting agency (CRA) report (optional);
         (h)   Deed or lease (optional);
         (i)   Set up challenge question - mother’s maiden name, date of birth; and
         (j)   Signature on application (required).
      (3)   Steps to be taken by the CSR (optional):
         (a)   Check driver’s license/alternate government ID (prior training/detecting fake IDs);
         (b)   Compare signature on application with signature on driver’s license and second form of ID;
         (c)   Review checklist of red flags/determine if any present;
         (d)   Computer scan/make a copy of driver’s license/alternate government ID; and
         (e)   Go online with CRA - enter data to computer database/software:
            1.   Validate name, Social Security number (SSN), last address;
            2.   Ensure SSN not on Death Master File (;
            3.   Ensure not on active duty list; and
            4.   Ensure there are no fraud alerts.
      (4)   Additional information needed if not present in person (optional):
         (a)   SSN (required);
         (b)   Previous two addresses and how long at each;
         (c)   Previous employer;
         (d)   Current employer;
         (e)   Previous utility; and
         (f)   Identify potential customer depository bank or lending institution.
      (5)   Additional steps by CSR (optional):  additional validation of information from CRA for above items.
      (6)   Specific rules/steps for phone:
         (a)   Do not process application if caller ID blocked; and
         (b)   Verity valid phone number in customer name.
      (7)   Steps for CSR to follow if validation of ID fails (optional):
         (a)   Tactfully advise potential customer of the issue, if appropriate;
         (b)   Do not open account;
         (c)   Refer customer to external source that is the source of the red flag (i.e., SSN Master File);
         (d)   Escalation to supervisor if situation with customer unresolved; and
         (e)   Management employee/Program Administrator to make final decision in his or her discretion whether to open new account.
   (B)   Records.  In addition, all records containing customers’ personal information are kept under lock and key until they can be destroyed according to law.
(Ord. 08-1110-10, passed 11-10-2008)