§ 39.08  PROCEDURES.
Alerts, Notifications or Warnings from Consumer Reporting Agency
Suspicious Documents
Suspicious Personal ID Information
Unusual Use or Suspicious Activity Related to the Covered Account
Notice of Theft
A fraud of active duty alert is included with a consumer report
Documents provided for ID appeared altered or forged
Personal ID is inconsistent with external information sources: addresses do not match consumer report or Social Security (SS) number has not been issued or is listed on the Social Security Administration Death Master File
Change of billing address is followed by request for adding additional properties to the account (or shortly following the notification of a change in address, the utility receives a request for the addition of authorized users on the account)
Utility is notified by law officials or others, that it has opened a fraudulent account for a person engaged in identity theft
Consumer reporting agency provides a credit freeze on the customer report
The photo or physical description is not consistent with the appearance of the applicant
Personal ID given by customer is not consistent with other personal ID info.; e.g., there is a lack of correlation between the Social Security number range and DOB
Payments are made in a manner associated with fraud; for example, deposit or initial payment is made and no payments are made thereafter
Consumer reporting agency provides a notice of address discrepancy
Other information given to open the new account is not consistent with the ID of the applicant
Personal ID provided is associated with known fraudulent activity; using same addresses and or phone number’s
Existing account with a stable history shows irregularities
A consumer report indicates a pattern of activity that is inconsistent with the history and usual pattern of activity of an applicant or customer such as:
Other information on the identification is not consistent with readily accessible info on file such as signature or recent check
Personal ID is of the same type associated with fraudulent activity: fictitious address, mail box drop or prison or phone number is invalid; it is associated with a pager or answering service
An account with low activity unexpectedly jumps to high consumption. Ex:1,000 kwh to 2,801 kwh
   a. Recent or significant increase in the number of inquiries
An application appears to have been altered or forged, or gives the appearance of having been destroyed and reassembled
The Social Security number is the same as customers opening other accounts
Mail sent to customer is repeatedly returned
   b. An unusual number of recently established credit relationships
The address or phone number is the same as a large number of other applicants
Customer notifies utility that they are not receiving their bill
   c. A material change in the use of credit especially with respect to new established credit relationships
The customer fails to provide all needed personal ID upon request
The utility is notified of unauthorized charges or transactions in connection with a customer’s account
   d. An account that was closed for cause or identified for abuse of account privileges
Personal ID is inconsistent with utility records
For institutions using challenge questions, the person attempting to access or open the account cannot provide any information beyond what would typically be found in a wallet or consumer report
(Ord. 08-1110-10, passed 11-10-2008)