(A)   The Commission shall have at most 12 members, each of whom shall have the qualifications, serve terms, and be elected as provided in this section. The Chairperson of the Industrial Committee of the Council shall be an ex officio member of the Commission without voting rights.
   (B)   Members shall be persons of outstanding ability and integrity and shall reside within the county. Each member shall have full voting powers, be entitled to hold Commission office, and except as otherwise provided, be elected to a term of four years. All terms shall begin on September 1 of the year of election.
   (C)   During August of each year, the Commission shall elect qualified persons to succeed those members whose terms expire on September 1 of that year. The election procedures of the Commission shall be provided in the bylaws of the Commission.
   (D)   The Commission may provide in its bylaws for the termination of the membership of any member who shall become ineligible or who shall resign from the Commission. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term of any member by the Commission according to its bylaws. Members shall serve until their successors have been duly elected and qualified according to the bylaws of the Commission.
   (E)   Nothing in this section shall affect the terms of the present members of the Commission.
(1986 Code, § 2.14.050)  (Ord. 1252, passed - -1984)