§ 32.129  DUTIES.
   (A)   It shall be the duty of the City Collector to collect and receive all money due on special assessments and special taxes that are not paid directly to the City Treasurer, and to keep records pertaining to the collections as may be required by statute or ordinance.
   (B)   The City Collector shall collect all accounts, bills, orders and sums of money due the city from any and all persons, firms and corporations. He or she shall keep all warrants which are returned to him or her and shall keep accounts of all money collected by him or her. He or she shall turn over all money received by him or her on behalf of the city to the City Treasurer weekly; and with the money he or she shall give a statement as to the source thereof; and he or she shall take a receipt therefor from the Treasurer. He or she shall prepare the receipts and the receipts shall be filed with the City Collector, City Treasurer and City Clerk. The City Collector shall collect all utility deposits and shall keep all utility deposits on hand until refunding and shall use all utility deposits for no other purpose than refunding. The City Collector shall prepare utility deposit receipts in duplicate and a utility deposit receipt shall be filed with the City Collector and given to the utility customer.
(1986 Code, § 2.40.050)