The City Administrator shall be responsible to the Mayor and to the City Council for the administration of all city affairs placed in his or her charge by or under this subchapter and shall have the following powers and duties.
   (A)   The City Administrator shall prepare the official agenda of the City Council, attend all City Council meetings and shall have the right to take part in discussion but may not vote.
   (B)   The City Administrator shall see that all laws and provisions of ordinances of the City Council are faithfully executed.
   (C)   The City Administrator shall prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the City Council.
   (D)   The City Administrator shall submit to the City Council and make available to the public a complete report of the finances and administrative activity to the city, as of the end of each fiscal year.
   (E)   The City Administrator shall make other reports as the City Council may require concerning the operation of city departments, offices and agencies.
   (F)   The City Administrator shall keep the City Council fully advised of the financial condition and future needs of the city, and make recommendations to the City Council concerning the affairs of the city as deemed desirable.
   (G)   On or before May 15 in each year and before the annual appropriation ordinance is prepared by the corporate authorities, the City Administrator shall submit to the Mayor and the City Council a report of his or her estimate as nearly as may be of the money necessary to defray the expenses of the city during the next fiscal year, and in the report, he or she shall classify and detail the purposes of expenditure, the aggregate income of the preceding year, the city liabilities and other information as is necessary to assist the Mayor and the City Council to adopt an appropriation ordinance. For the purpose of preparing the aforesaid estimate, the City Administrator is authorized to require all officers to submit statements of the condition and expenses of their respective offices or departments, description of proposed city improvements, and the probable expense thereof, a description of all unperformed contracts and a statement of the amount of all unexpired appropriations of the preceding year.
   (H)   The City Administrator, with the approval of the Finance Committee of the City Council, shall recommend to the Mayor and the City Council the salaries to be paid to each appointive subordinate employee of the city.
   (I)   The City Administrator shall oversee all purchases of materials, supplies and equipment subject to and pursuant to directives and appropriations made and provided by the Mayor and City Council, and subject also to the statutes of the state pertaining to the expenditures or appropriations of the city. However, all expenditures and payments, regardless of amount, shall be subject to the confirmation and approval of the adoption of a budget or special appropriation.
   (J)   The City Administrator shall make investigations into the affairs of the city or any department or division thereof and shall investigate all complaints in relation to matters concerning city services and city administration.
   (K)   The City Administrator shall devote his or her entire time to the discharge of the official duties of his or her office.
   (L)   The City Administrator shall actively pursue and solicit grants and other outside funding sources for the city and shall maintain intergovernmental relations with other governmental agencies.
   (M)   The City Administrator shall prepare “long-term” planning for presentation to Council.
   (N)   The City Administrator shall monitor and assist leadmen to see that all departments are efficiently operating.
   (O)   The City Administrator shall report quarterly on projects, personnel and planning.
   (P)   The City Administrator shall coordinate with the Zoning Officer.
   (Q)   The City Administrator shall have complete knowledge of the union contract and enforce its provisions.
   (R)   The City Administrator shall participate in committee meetings.
   (S)   The City Administrator shall attend seminars and meetings for various departments as recommended by the Mayor and Council.
   (T)   The City Administrator shall perform other duties as are specified in any ordinance of the city as may be required by the City Council.
(1986 Code, § 2.16.050)  (Ord. 1341, passed - -1989)