(A)   The annual salary of the City Clerk is fixed as follows:  beginning May 1, 2009, the salary of the City Clerk shall be $38,353 per year and the salary shall be increased by 4% for three years beginning on May 1, 2010, May 1, 2011 and May 1, 2012.Thereafter, the salary of the City Clerk shall be raised the same as the salaries of other unelected employees of the city are raised at times when the salaries are raised.
   (B)   The position of City Clerk shall be considered a full-time position who shall devote the time necessary to carry out the functions of the City Clerk’s position.
   (C)   The cost of the group health insurance for the City Clerk shall be the same as for the employees of the city who do not have an elected position.
(1986 Code, § 2.10.130)  (Ord. 1254, passed - -1985; Ord. 1335, passed - -1989; Ord. 1391, passed - - 1992; Ord. 1471, passed - -1996; Ord. 1540, passed - -2000; Ord. 08-1014-07, passed 10-14-2008; Ord. 12-1009-43, passed 10-9-2012)