(A)   All city utility bills shall be paid in full to avoid termination of service under this section. However, the City Collector shall allow a city utility customer who has a delinquent utility service balance to defer payment of all or a portion of his, her or its delinquent utility service account balance by payment of monthly installments over a deferred payment period not to exceed four months.
   (B)   The city utility service customers who are eligible for deferred payment arrangements shall be those city utility service customers who have a delinquent utility service account balance, who have no other delinquent account balances owing to the city, and who have signed no previous deferred agreement within the past 12 months which provides for the deferral of a delinquent city utility service account balance.
   (C)   To pay a city utility service delinquent account balance by a deferred payment arrangement, a city utility service customer, shall:
      (1)   Apply to the City Collector or the deferral of the city utility service customer’s delinquent utility service account balance and sign a deferred payment agreement with the City Collector in a form approved by the City Council;
      (2)   Pay one-fourth of the delinquent utility service account balance to the City Collector along with the delivery of the signed deferred payment agreement;
      (3)   Pay a late payment penalty, along with each deferred monthly payment made pursuant to the deferred payment agreement;
      (4)   Pay all city utility service bills during the deferred payment period in full when due;
      (5)   Pay each deferred utility service installment and late payment penalty on or before the tenth day of each month during the deferred payment period; and
      (6)   Comply with all terms and conditions of the deferred payment agreement.
   (D)   Failure of a city utility service customer who is a party to a deferred payment agreement to comply with the terms and conditions of the deferred payment agreement or the provisions of this section shall constitute a breach of the deferred payment agreement, and the City Collector shall institute proceedings pursuant to this chapter for the termination of city utility services and collection of utility service account.
   (E)   The City Collector is authorized to sign and deliver the deferred payment agreement provided in this section on behalf of the city.
(1986 Code, § 2.02.060)  (Ord. 1381, passed - -1992)