(A)   Before any permit is issued by the city, the vehicle shall be inspected by the Police Chief, who will determine if the golf cart or the utility terrain vehicle is safe for operation on public roadways and has the required equipment (as set forth in § 78.07). The cost of said inspection is $50. Golf carts or utility terrain vehicles, shall be inspected every year prior to a permit being issued. After the initial payment and issuance of a permit, for subsequent years licensees are only required to pay a $100 renewal fee.
   (B)   A golf cart or utility terrain vehicle will be allowed to be driven to the Police Department for vehicle inspection if the requestor has called ahead and arranged with the Police Chief a specific meeting time.
   (C)   When all requirements of §§ 78.07 through 78.09 are complete and the Police Chief has determined that the golf cart or utility terrain vehicle is equipped with the appropriate equipment, a permit sticker shall be issued by the Police Chief and given to the applicant.
(Ord. 19-0813-181, passed 8-13-2019; Ord. 19-0827-184, passed 8-27-2019)