§ 78.05 PERMITS.
   No person shall operate a golf cart or utility terrain vehicle upon the roadways of the city without first completing an application, paying the permit fee of $100, paying an inspection fee of $50 and passing an inspection of the golf cart or the utility terrain vehicle to be conducted by the Chief of Police of the City of Fairfield Police Department (or his or her designee) to ensure that the golf cart or the utility terrain vehicle is safe and has the required equipment (as described on § 78.07). The application shall be given to the Police Chief at the time of the inspection. Likewise, all fees shall be paid to the Police Chief by cash, cashier's check or money order payable to the City of Fairfield, Illinois at the time of the inspection. Upon receipt of the required fees, the Police Chief shall issue and tender a receipt to the applicant. The applicant shall provide to the Police Chief proof of liability insurance as required by law and said insurance shall be valid at the time of the application for a period of at least six months thereafter. Permits shall be granted for a period of one year and renewed annually.
(Ord. 19-0813-181, passed 8-13-2019; Ord. 19-0827-184, passed 8-27-2019)