(A)   There shall be provided the following minimum square footage of space per dog or cat to promote the humane treatment of animals within the municipality:
      (1)   Leash/restraint/run line for a dog or cat shall be of a minimum length of ten feet, and of sufficient strength to prevent escape and be unobstructed and attached to a strong stake, post, tree or other unmovable object, and the collar or harness of the cat or dog allowing free, tangle proof movement and access to shelter and food and water; and
      (2)   Pen/kennel/enclosure for confinement of dogs or cats is not required to have a minimum square footage of space, but only what is considered humane.
   (B)   Not over four dogs or four cats may be confined to one pen, kennel or enclosure, except a female with puppies or kittens.
   (C)   Any female dog or cat with puppies or kittens shall be kept apart and confined separate from all other animals or children in a pen, kennel or enclosure until the puppies or kittens are eight weeks old, weaned and away.
   (D)   The following property line restrictions shall be adhered to to promote peace and harmony and show respect for neighbors: dogs and cats tied on a leash to 20 feet or more from each property line, so as not to annoy or offend a neighbor.
   (E)   The Administrator, animal control warden or any law enforcement officer shall retain the right to enter upon private properties within the municipality, with or without permission from the owner or tenant of the property, for the express purpose of inspection and enforcement of the provisions of this chapter, or to inspect any pen, kennel or enclosure, or any leash, restraint or run line, to ensure that the requirements of this section are kept, and may direct the owner or custodian to make additions or changes as the officials may see fit.
(1986 Code, § 6.16.110) (Ord. 1514, passed - -1999)