In general, it shall be lawful for any person to own, keep, harbor, care for, act as custodian of, maintain as a house pet, in his or her possession a dog or cat, as defined in this chapter, subject to the following regulations:
   (A)   Every dog or cat must be either kept within the home as a house pet, as defined in this chapter;
   (B)   Kept within an escape-proof pen or kennel;
   (C)   Kept on a leash or restraint or run line as defined in this chapter, of sufficient strength so as to prevent the escape of a dog or cat, and be unobstructed, and contain the minimum square footage of space per animal as required in this chapter;
   (D)   If the dog or cat is, or has been, declared a vicious animal as defined in this chapter, the vicious animal shall be kept within an escape-proof enclosure as defined in this chapter, and the enclosure shall contain the minimum square footage of space per animal as required by this chapter. The vicious animal shall be kept within the enclosure at all times except if necessary for the owner or keeper to obtain veterinary care for the vicious animal or to comply with a court order, and then only when securely muzzled and restrained on a leash having a tensile strength of 300 pounds and not exceeding three feet in length, and shall be under the direct control and supervision of the owner or keeper of the vicious animal. The keeper of a vicious animal shall not sell, transfer ownership or give away the animal, but may have the animal humanely terminated. Any vicious animal found not within an enclosure, or running at large in violation of this chapter shall be terminated by any means necessary.
   (E)   Dogs or cats which are kept outside, either in a pen, kennel or enclosure, or on a leash, restraint or run line, shall be provided with adequate shelter and protection from the weather, with access to either a dog or cat house, or other building, as approved by the animal control warden.
   (F)   Every dog or cat shall be kept in sanitary conditions, with proper ventilation and minimum square footage of space, and to be provided with a sufficient quantity of good quality, wholesome food and water, so as to ensure his or her adequate nutrition, shelter from the elements and humane care and treatment, including veterinary care when needed to prevent pain and suffering, and to provide for their good health, as provided by a animal control warden.
   (G)   It shall be unlawful for any person to release, or cause the release of any animal from confinement of the owner, unless authorized.
(1986 Code, § 6.16.010) (Ord. 1514, passed - -1999) Penalty, see § 90.999