(A)   Anyone transporting livestock or poultry within the municipality, in any type of vehicle, truck or trailer, shall ensure that the conveyance be of sufficient construction so as to prevent the escape of livestock or poultry. No transporter of livestock or poultry shall confine the animals in any type of vehicle, truck, trailer or other carrier, in a manner that places the animals in a life or health threatening situation by exposure to a prolonged period of extreme heat or cold, without proper ventilation or other protection from heat or cold. In order to protect the health and safety of the animals, any animal control warden, police officer or investigator who has probable cause to believe that this section is being violated shall have authority to enter the vehicle, truck, trailer or other carrier, by any reasonable means under the circumstance after making a reasonable effort to locate the owner, transporter or driver.
   (B)   If livestock or poultry becomes downed in transit, it shall be the responsibility of the transporter or carrier to have the animal humanely terminated and disposed of.
   (C)   It shall be unlawful for a transporter or carrier to park the vehicle, truck, trailer or other carrier, with livestock or poultry on board, within the municipality for over four hours, unless mechanically disabled. If livestock or poultry carriers are unloaded and have been cleaned and deodorized, they may park within the municipality.
(1986 Code, § 6.12.060) (Ord. 1514, passed - -1999) Penalty, see § 90.999