A.   Authority To Set Restrictions:
      1.   Definition: Travel restrictions shall include, but not be limited to: the weight of the vehicle, speed limit and closures of streets.
      2.   Authority: The city, through its city superintendent, or such other individuals as appointed by the city council, will have the authority to set travel restrictions on the streets of the city.
      3.   Restrictions Temporary; Posting: All travel restrictions shall be temporary in nature and shall not take effect until the posting of the appropriate signs or traffic control devices by the city.
   B.   Damage To Streets: The owner and the operator, driver or mover of any vehicle, object or contrivance over a street shall be jointly and severally responsible for all damages which the street may sustain as the result of illegally operating or driving or moving any vehicle, object or contrivance, or as the result of driving or moving any vehicle, object or contrivance weighing in violation of any restrictions in place by the city.
   C.   Violation A Misdemeanor: Any individual or entity violating any travel restriction set by this section shall be guilty of a general misdemeanor. (Ord. 194, 9-13-2001)