A.   Pursuant to the powers and jurisdiction vested through the laws, statutes and regulations of the state of Idaho, the city does hereby exercise the power and authority to adopt zoning and subdivision regulations to regulate development of lands under its jurisdiction. Such regulation of the development of land and the attachment of reasonable conditions to land development is an exercise of valid police power delegated by the state to this city. The developer has the duty of compliance with reasonable conditions laid down by the planning and zoning commission for design, dedication, improvement and restrictive use of the land so as to conform to the physical and economical development of the city and to the safety and general welfare of the future property owners in the subdivision and of the community at large.
   B.   Under the power and authority so vested, the city hereby declares that no building permit or certificate of zoning compliance shall be issued for any parcel or plat of land subject to these regulations nor shall any excavation of, filling of, and/or construction of, any public or private improvements take place or be commenced thereon, except in conformity with these regulations, and no land subject to these regulations shall be subdivided and sold or offered for sale until the owner has obtained approval of a final plat in accordance with these regulations and the approved plat is filed with the county recorder. (Ord. 223, 7-13-2006)