1191.01 PURPOSE.
   It is the intent of this chapter to recognize the need to vary the specific regulations of the City Zoning Ordinance to provide creative approaches to meet the unique land and building demands of the City for residential, commercial and industrial areas by the use of planned unit developments (P.U.D.). In order to accomplish this intent, it is the purpose of these conditions:
(a)   To permit the flexible spacing of lots and buildings in order to encourage:
(1)   Separation of pedestrian and vehicular circulation;
(2)   The conservation of natural amenities of the landscape;
(3)   The provision of readily accessible open space;
(4)   The creation of functional and interesting residential, commercial and industrial areas; and
(5)   The provision of a necessary complement of community facilities.
(b)   To permit mixed use (residential/commercial, commercial/industrial, etc.) planned unit developments.
      (Ord. 94-84. Passed 7-9-84.)