(a)    The developer may apply to the City Engineer for exemption from requirement for construction of stormwater management quantitative control facilities.
   (b)    Each request will be reviewed on its own merit and as it affects the entire drainage area in which it lies and into which it flows.
   (c)    If an exemption for stormwater management quantitative control is granted by the City Engineer, the developer shall be required to pay a fee in lieu of the construction of the stormwater management facilities. The fee shall be seventy-five cents (75¢) per cubic foot of detention/retention volume that would have been required if an exemption had not been granted. This fee must be paid to the City prior to recording of the plat of a subdivision or issuance of the building permit if no subdivision plat is involved.
   (d)    The developer may appeal the denial of an exemption to the Board of Zoning
Appeals. (Ord. 25-14.  Passed 4-14-14.)